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The Film School Student

 This drawing harks back to an original which the artist produced in their early prime in the year 1994. It is essentially an effort to reproduce ancient charms in place of new inspirations. This reproduction was made from an old low-quality photocopy of the presumably lost original. It features a Caucasian male in front of a large library or university canteen window overlooking a Japanese garden, wearing a designer pullover inspired by one worn by Akira Kurosawa on the occasion of one of his latest interviews, probably in the early 1990's. It is drawn with mechanical pencil on the back of a French Exacompta folder in an exquisitely elegant warm red tone. Some highlights where added to the shrine and tree in the upper left corner. Grease marks will fade over time. Mensa Boy in Japanese Jumper, 9.1 x 12.6 inches, pencil and Chinese white on red carton, 2022 This drawing  © 1992-2022  by Torsten Slama and  the Reproduction Society
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The 2nd Marianne Dreams House

 This house is the second variation on a dream location described in the book "Marianne Dreams", by Catherine Storr. The house contains a boy who lost the will to live, a house with barred windows at first and no interior furnishings, except a wooden bench on which the pajama-clad boy rests, surrounded by encroaching rocks with evil eyes. Marianne enters the house (which she had created, by drawing it with some sort of very powerful pencil) in her dreams, while herself being bedridden with some illness, and engages with the boy, whose name is Mark (he could have been aptly called "Mark One" had this story been set in a science fiction as opposed to a sort of fantasy setting). She challenges him, who has polio, to get out of his self-protective identification with the limitations and the confinement of his illness, and finally succeeds, after having empowered him by dreaming/drawing up an exercise bike for him to train his legs, to have them both rescued by helicopte

HYDRA Liquefaction Plant by the Seashore

 This painting, executed on a small canvas in a sufficiently loose painting style to warrant calling it an "oil sketch", depicts a stylized coal liquefaction plant, conveniently located on a seashore, in an unclear metabolic relationship with the nearby abundance of water into which it can tap by means of thick pipes emanating from its concrete base. HYDRA Coal Liquefaction Plant, oil on "Stylex" canvas, 30 x 40 cm Certain nations, nation states, countries, etc. in the history of modern civilization found it necessary to expand, colonize, or engage in questionable trade relations with other states because their own natural resources did not suit the demands of said state's motorized civil society nor war machinery. The alternative to expansion however could have been the development of efficient means of transformation of naturally occurring unsuitable resources (coal, in this case) by utilizing either alchemistic, holistic, biochemical or chemical pathways on a

SHY Nuclear Research Centre

 SHY is of course a clever code name for something which prefers to remain unobserved. It could also stand for Secret Holistic Yearnings or Schillerian Halal Yeastless.  SHY Atomic Research Centre, sketch by the artist, 2029 This depiction does not pertain to a hypothetical facility hiding somewhere in the wooded regions of any nation right now accused of illegitimate desires to become part of the precarious world wide system of nuclear attrition. It is more an overall argument for reaching out and understanding between pro life and pro choice (which is admittedly a stretch, but admissible in the authors mind). Since people are patriarchally conditioned to be sun-worshippers and distrust the feminine principle of the nucleus, all nuclear research must be a somewhat shy pursuit. If observed, such a facility would be immediately become subject to intense debate, be criticized, ostracized, vilified, etc. If unobserved, it remains a peaceful, secluded spot for research in shadowy protectio

Hydrological Institute "Wilhelm Reich" with Experimental Medium Scale Water Dam

This drawing of the Hydrological Institute "Wilhelm Reich" (alternatively named "Viktor Schauberger" for those with slightly holistic, politically questionable leanings towards "natural" solutions in relation to the "cosmos") was especially difficult to reproduce; as pencil grey on on a dark kind of orange provides for a very unsatisfactory dynamic range, which is also why highlights were added somewhat roughly with pastel and Chinese white. The imaginary institute is situated on a pass inspired by the Tizi-n-Test pass, halfway to the summit of a rocky precipice presumed to be in the Atlas region of Morocco, which should be considered roughly the center of the projected continent of Eufrica (or Afropa, according to some). Below in the valley is a reservoir and dam for water-flow simulations, scale 1/6 in relation to a real world water dam in the planning stage, which is supposed to have an energy loss coefficient of an A+++/excellent 0.2 W/m2-K.

Learning from Progress

 This drawing bears the subtitle "Futuro arcaico" and is dedicated to Helena Norberg-Hodge, who realized that "male youth is the weak link of every society". Content or message is backed by an ambivalent and tentative motivational value. Execution is detailed/fine, limited by grain of media and motor skills. Perusal of poem is advised, as poem execution is neither limited by media grain nor by motor skills. Depicted is an imagined socialist tenement housing project enriched by fascist EUR-style architectural elements, grappling with Taoist lifestyle values of architects and inhabitants. Will harmony be achieved? Where will it end? Learning from Progress with poem* Learning from Progress, Din A4  *Who stands on toes,  Does not stand well.  Who walks with legs apart  Walks not well.  Who wants to shine,  Will not be enlightened.  Who wants to be someone,  Will not become lordly.  Who flatters himself,  Stays idle.  Who straddles like a peacock, 🦚  Will not be elevate

Judge Dee Country House in Carboniferous Landscape

This study of a time traveller's retreat (best internet-detox carbon-lifeform-friendly setting with minimal carbon footprint for long uninterrupted solitude)... "Judge Dee" Country House in Carboniferous Setting, 31.5x23.5 cm, pencil and crayon on tone paper, 2019 ....belongs to a group of three house studies - see also The Abductionist's House  and The "The most Dangerous Game" House . All © 2037 by Torsten Slama and the TTS® ? Interested in more Low Density Settlement Unit Designs with a time travel element (warning, page looks crummy due to server display technology change) : why not go and look here