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Le Comte Ory / Expectation and Trepidation / The Great God Pan

 This image would need no further comment, if the idea of the comment was merely to describe or amplify that what is shown in the image. What is shown lies on a plane where laughter, sighs, and giggles reign. A poem or song would be better suited to accompany this drawing of the salon or bidet variety. "Le Comte Ory", pencil on pink letter paper (A4) The artist feels however inclined to add that the scenery depicted has very little to do with the Comte Ory storyline of Verdi's opera buffa, but is indeed showing members of a dance troupe passing the night in a castle unwillingly offered to them as a shelter for the night by an oddly motivated aristocratic owner, who is torn between his own ingrained hospitality and the knowledge that harm will befall his guests because the castle is also claimed as a hunting ground for young female victims by his vampiric brother, who, being undead, naturally has no legal claim tho the castle, inherited by his surviving brother. The drawin
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Low Density Dwelling Unit with Methane Tanks in Carboniferous Period Setting

 This oil portrait of a country house named by its owner "Judge Dee" is a bit sketchy in areas, but left so by the artist deliberately, as they wanted to free themself from the shackles that the demon of perfectionism imposes on so many struggling artists. Since the client in this case was fictitious and identical with the contractor, it was easy to reach mutual satisfaction and declare the painting an artistic, if not commercial, success.  Low Density Dwelling Unit "Judge Dee", 47 x 34 cm, Oil on canvas-mounted wood panel in the tradition of Dix on OSSA Note that this painting is the result of a process of emigration to the essentially free and unbound realms of Poe's Nothingness, even though it assumes topicality by incorporating and putting forward climate-saving technology. It deals with the problems with climate unfriendly methane plaguing our wasteful society. Methane here takes the form of "clean", renewable cooking gas produced by the bacterial

Marathon Sports School at Circle Park

Observe a sports centre dedicated to the production of well trained future elite athletes, beautifully situated at the Marathon Circle Park which surrounds this capital city of an efficiently administrated yet aesthetically and culturally behind powerhouse nation state. In the foreground, bottom left, the viewer can observe a starkly geometric abstract corroded steel structure which seems to obliquely aim at the stars, its elements and angles forming a  representation of the molecule Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate. Marathon School at the Circle Park  –  50 x 70 cm (18 x 24 Inches) – The perfect gift. W/ gold rim. πŸ† πŸ₯‡ πŸ₯ˆ πŸ₯‰ πŸ… πŸŽ– Oh sports men, So strong And women,  Proving wrong Any fixed notion  On gender-based wins In a win-win Synergetic Elite powered Sports Powerhouse First Class University of Stars πŸ† πŸ₯‡ πŸ₯ˆ πŸ₯‰ πŸ… πŸŽ–  

Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy

Look at a brutalist office edifice with sustainable cooling scheme, dedicated to the established best practice of social work and the prevention of social disintegration by all forms of deviancy, including chronic fatigue. The Three Strategies of Huang Shigong (Pencil, colored pencil, acrylics on paper, 65 x 50 cm)   Antitransgressive prevent strategy has three specific objectives: respond to the ideological challenge of deviancy and the threat we face from those who promote it, prevent people from being drawn into deviancy and ensure they are given appropriate advice and support, work with sectors and institutions where there are risks of radicalisation (hot spots, suburban abandoned areas, et al.) See how the sculptures of three modes of transportation - (steam powered, bodily propulsion by legs, petrol based motorized solution) are forming an allegory of adaptability and the value of "getting out of the comfort zone", to achieve better social results which will all eventua

Promener le Walkman

Recreation of on more drawing from the early nineties, extant in photocopy only. This features an androgynous type female person in unisex fashion, windbreaker jacket of undefinable material, either synthetic or leather, a pair of jeans. Notice the enlarged head, fine-tuned to remain just in the realm of what is biologically possible. It is very likely that, if a person of these proportions would exist in the flesh, the head size would already be considered a sport. It is only the conventions of drawing which allows for head enlargement without suspicion of morbidity or exploitation. The theme of the enlarged head was a big one for the artist at that time. It runs counter to certain Hellenistic laws of proportion and ideals of beauty, but the contemporary artist can of course freely decide what they consider beautiful. Apart from the size of the head in proportion to the rest of the body (or hands and feet), the beauty of the head is also determined by the beauty of the face.  "Dr

The Nudist Pilates Practitioner

This drawing is the recreation of a drawing from 30 years ago. That drawing was nearly identical in composition, but the figure was fully dressed. While the original could not be recovered, a photocopy still existed, begging in its inferior documentary value for the undertaking of making a new drawing, a handmade copy of the remembered original, coming as close as possible or even surpassing its original splendour. Way to Work, 9.1 x 12.6 inches, pencil on yellow carton, 2022 The original clothing of the depicted person was first executed, then, by means of an eraser, removed again, and the nude body reconstructed, to achieve something of an Helmut-Newton effect, with a hint of irony perhaps, as the depicted person is not really the preferred Newton body-type. In hindsight the vision of a true unisex fashion in the original drawing should have been preserved, as it is less exploitative, more tasteful. Of course, nudism comes as close as possible to true gender equality, disregarding ho

The Film School Student

 This drawing harks back to an original which the artist produced in their early prime in the year 1994. It is essentially an effort to reproduce ancient charms in place of new inspirations. This reproduction was made from an old low-quality photocopy of the presumably lost original. It features a Caucasian male in front of a large library or university canteen window overlooking a Japanese garden, wearing a designer pullover inspired by one worn by Akira Kurosawa on the occasion of one of his latest interviews, probably in the early 1990's. It is drawn with mechanical pencil on the back of a French Exacompta folder in an exquisitely elegant warm red tone. Some highlights where added to the shrine and tree in the upper left corner. Grease marks will fade over time. Mensa Boy in Japanese Jumper, 9.1 x 12.6 inches, pencil and Chinese white on red carton, 2022 This drawing  © 1992-2022  by Torsten Slama and  the Reproduction Society